Advantages Of Joining A Caregiver Support Group

Jun 14th, 2019

If you are taking care of an elderly loved one, you know what a big job that can be! While you know it has to be done, it is not uncommon to feel lonely, frustrated, guilty, and a myriad of other difficult emotions at times. Here are some advantages to joining a caretaker support group.


Relatable Allies

A support group is a safe place to meet people in a similar situation as you. While often you might imagine support groups for those struggling, they are more than that. They are simply a way to bring people facing common struggles together. It does not mean you have failed in any way and the friends you meet in a support group can relate to that! A support group is a safe place for you to validate your experience.


Education and Experience

Meeting others who also care for elderly loved ones will allow you to gain from their experiences to help with your own. Each person might share tidbits of information or helpful tactics that work for them to get through hard days you have not tried before. Many support groups also offer education and access to experts on common elderly ailments such as Alzheimer’s.


Time for Yourself

It can feel like you pour so much of your emotional energy into caring for others that you do not take time to care for yourself. Joining a support group encourages just that! Each time your group meets you will carve out time to care for your own emotional wellbeing and work through some of the hard feelings you have. This promotes balance and provides a good example for the people who love you about what it takes to be a caregiver.


At Esplanade, we offer a caregiver support group for these reasons and many more. We want to support our residents and those who care for them!