The Benefits of Aging in Place

Jun 26th, 2018

There’s a cozy term for staying in a location where your surroundings can adjust with your lifestyle needs as you get older; aging in place.


For many, the thought of moving multiple times at this stage of life sounds daunting and expensive. Let’s look at why aging in place is not only more comfortable for many seniors, but smart as well.


Have the Amenities You Need, When You Need It

The beauty of aging in place is that, as your needs change, your living situation is able to accommodate them. For example, if stairs begin to get more difficult, if your eyesight is giving you trouble, or if you begin to experience memory loss, you will need a living situation that can change with you.


At SilverCrest Esplanade, we have different areas for residents with different needs, including Reflections Memory Care, where specialized staff provide personalized memory care around the clock, and Esplanade Gardens Assisted Living, where residents are able to receive hands-on help with things like medication, ambulation, and assistance with dressing. Across our residence, our goal is to encourage independence while provided the support needed.


Save Money on Moves and Renovations

Making home renovations to add ramps, specialized tubs, or railings everywhere only to move in a few years may not be worth the money. As strange as it may seem to think about the next years of one’s life, consider taking a tour of one of our locations to see how our vibrant community and various amenities can appeal to seniors of all ages and abilities.


Be Safe & Protected

You don’t want to wait until things get dangerous before you do something about it. Whether it’s failing eyesight that makes driving a danger or not being able to safely reach the items you need on a daily basis, it is better to be forward-thinking and choose a place that is safe for now and years to come. For example, each studio suite at Esplanade has an emergency call system monitored 24/7 by on-site staff.


Avoid Difficulties, Starting Right Away

Difficulties could be anything from preparing all of your own meals to housework and yard work to feeling isolated or lonely. Making the move to the place you will grow older gives you the benefits of a vibrant life without the less-appealing aspects of home ownership.


To learn more about aging in place at Esplanade Senior Living, contact us any time.