Signs That Your Loved One May Need Assistance

Jan 17th, 2019

It's common for family and friends to notice the signs during the holidays; Mom or Dad might not be getting around as well as they used to. They might be forgetting appointments or struggling to complete housework and home repairs.


As great as it is to spend time with loved ones, the added stress of the holidays is a revealing time for forgetfulness and potential trouble.



Early Warning Signs lays out a list of problems to look out for if you are trying to decide if assisted living is good for your loved one:


  • Housework, yard work and home repair struggles
  • Difficulty showering and bathing
  • Falls or walking, balance, and mobility issues
  • Trouble paying bills on time
  • Missing appointments
  • Forgetting to take medication
  • Inability to cook or prepare healthy meals
  • Weight gain or weight loss - these may be a sign that they are having difficulty getting exercise or moving around properly
  • Missing calls or forgetting to call you back
  • Excuses about missed events - such as birthday parties or church services
  • A general depression. Isolated adults often feel lonely, bored, and withdrawn
  • Difficulty or a sudden lack of driving

These signs might not always be obvious, especially when thinking about your own parent. Adult children often find it hard to think of their parent in a less than capable state, but waiting until you are absolutely sure can do more harm than good.


Escalated Care Warning Signs

Your parent might be open about needing extra help, but how do you know when it’s time to make the change to assisted living? Sometimes these signs aren’t as obvious, either – especially if your parent has asked for some form of help.


Increased Aggression

Increased aggression can mean a few things. As states, “Physical, sexual or violent aggression frequently happen in those with dementia,” but aggression can also be an outward expression of frustration or stress.


Recent Surgery or Operation

Recovery takes time. Those who have been discharged from the hospital might need further recuperation before returning home. Esplanade Senior Campus offers Respite and Short Stay options for these types of patients.


Sundowners Syndrome

This syndrome is a common characteristic of early Alzheimer's disease. Toward the end of the day, patients sometimes experience increased aggression, confusion, trouble concentrating, and memory loss. Learn more about the warning signs here.


Home Safety

New worries come to the families of aging parents. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if your Mom or Dad will slip in the shower, forget to take medication, misplace something important to them, or have trouble on their own, it might be time to consider Assisted Living.


Having this discussion with your parents might be difficult - especially if you are just noticing the warning signs of the problem. Read this blog from one of our Silvercrest sister locations - Village Shores Senior Living - about starting the conversation of senior living with your parent.


Esplanade Senior Campus is a fun senior community full of activities and events that will keep your aging parents satisfied and stimulated while meeting all their assisted living needs – whatever their individual lifestyle. Take a tour of our community here.