Jul 12th, 2019

Happy Tails Animal Show

Come see the Animals on July 12th 11:00am

Jul 10th, 2019

Game Night

Come have some fun at game night, it's always a blast, July 10th at 5:30pm

Jul 10th, 2019

Arland playing the piano

Come listen to Arland play the piano on July 10th at 3:30pm

Jul 10th, 2019

Gospel Singing by Pastor Donnie

Come listen to the good old Gospel music sung by Pastor Donnie, July 16th, 3:30pm

Jul 8th, 2019

Fourth of July Celebration & Birthday Bash with Lisa and Jesse

Come Celebrate Fourth of July blast with Jessie and Lisa and also celebrate July Birthday's, July 8th, at 2:00pm


Jul 4th, 2019

Fourth of July Celebration

Come have a Fourth of July lunch Party music with Rick with Putting on the Hits in our dining room on July 4th at 11:30am

Jun 21st, 2019

Peaches and Cream Day!

Peach and Cream Day! let's go enjoy a ice cream at Dairy Queen Day! June 21st at 2:00pm

Jun 20th, 2019

Ice Cream Soda Day!

We will be Ice Cream Soda Day! on June 20th, 11:30am at lunch time.

Jun 19th, 2019

Randy and Jerry Good Old Country Music

Randy and Jerry singing the good old country music, June 19th, at 3:30pm

Jun 18th, 2019

Gospel Singing by Pastor Donnie

Paster Donnie will be singing the good old Gospel Songs, June 18th, at 3:30pm