Mar 22nd, 2019

Picnic in the Park

Come join us as we go and enjoy a wonderful picnic lunch and feed the ducks, March 22nd at 11:00am

Mar 21st, 2019

Gospel Singing with Gretchen

We have a new performer coming to singing Gospel, March 21st at 10:00am

Mar 20th, 2019

Randy and Jerry Good Old Country Music

Come Listen to old country favorates with Randy and Jerry, March 20th at 3:30pm

Mar 19th, 2019

Gospel Singing / Pastor Donnie

Come join us for Gospel singing by Pastor Donnie, March 19th, 3:30pm

Mar 18th, 2019

St. Patrick Tea Party!

Come join us a our Tea Party as we celebrate more St. Patrick's Day will have green tea. March 18th, at 2:30pm

Mar 15th, 2019

St. Patrick Lunch Party!

Come celebrate St. Patrick Day! with great Irish lunch and you might find some green beer. March 15th, at 11:30am

Mar 15th, 2019

St. Patrick Bingo

Come join us for some St. Patrick Bingo on March 15th, at 10:00am

Mar 14th, 2019

Resident Council Meeting

All resident meeting with the Resident Council on March 14th, at 10:00am

Mar 12th, 2019

Game Night

Lets have some fun at game night the wild game of UNO, March 12th at 5:30am

Mar 11th, 2019

Birthday Bash with Lisa and Jesse

Come and join us for lots of fun with Jessie and Lisa at the Birthday Bash and St. Patrick Day celebration, March 11th, 2:00pm