Feb 1st, 2019

First Friday Networking Group

Frist Friday Networking Group will holding their meeting here at 9:00am

Jan 24th, 2019

Happy Hour and Music

Happy Hour Party! Come listen to some great music, Jan. 24th  and 29th at 2:00pm 

Jan 21st, 2019

Martin Luther King Tea Party!

Come to the Tea Party! (Martin Luther King Life Celebration) Jan. 21st at 2:30pm

Jan 18th, 2019

Scenic Drive and see the Ducks

Scenic Drive and see the Ducks

Jan 17th, 2019

Travel around the World

Travel the World on the Big Screen Jan. 17th, 23rd and 30th.

Jan 17th, 2019

Signs That Your Loved One May Need Assistance

It's common for family and friends to notice the signs during the holidays; Mom or Dad might not be getting around as well as they used to. They might be forgetting appointments or struggling to complete...

Jan 16th, 2019

Jerry and Randy Singing Performance

Come hear the great song of the old and new country and gospel songs from Jerry and Randy. Jan. 16th, 3:30pm

Jan 15th, 2019

Game Nights

Come have some fun at Game Nights Jan. 15th and 29th at 5:30pm

Jan 14th, 2019

Birthday Bash with Lisa and Jesse

Come see and hear Jessie and Lisa put on the Birthday Bash for January Birthdays Jan. 14th at 2:00pm

Jan 14th, 2019

Jean Playing the Piano and Karen Singing

Jean Playing the Piano and Karen Singing on Jan. 14th and 28 at 11:00am